The best music…

is LIVE music!

I had the amazing opportunity to hear Bob Sutherby and Ken Shorley play in Tatamagouche this past weekend.  Whew!  What a team!

While they’ve yet to record as a duo, you can hear a snippet of their individual stuff on youtube:


are some pretty decent examples!  In fact— they both played these pieces (well, Ken’s is an improv, so it was similar) over the weekend.

Utterly amazing.

Fall Session is CLOSED

Hey everyone!

We’ve had so much interest that I am pleased to say that the fall session classes (both of them!) are closed.

So how does ‘drop in space’ work, you ask?  Good question.  The answer is to follow this step-by-step process:


(1) Choose a date you’d like to drop in to the class.  CHECK THIS SITE to see if I’ve noted there is space for that date (you’ll see this under classes).


(3) Wait to hear from me to see if I can confirm that there is space for that day, and to ensure that I’ve taken that space availability off the site.

(4) Come to the class YOU’VE BEEN CONFIRMED IN.


Seem like a lot of steps?  It is– but it’s not fair to the registered students (who are committing to the whole term) to have more people than the space can comfortably fit coming in unexpectedly.


Thanks for checking in!