Inspiration (throwback!)- the backstory

One of you asked last week about my own history, and I realised I’ve never shared it here.  So to get you started, here are two videos that made a HUGE impression on me.

I’d been bellydancing for (drumroll) 13 years.  Can’t believe it’s been that long.  Before bellydance, I trained in a whole variety of dance styles- from ballet to Irish- and started dancing when I was two (thanks Mom!).  I found tribal fusion in 2006— like many, my introduction to tribal fusion was through our beloved internet.  These were the first two videos that I really, really fell in love with.  I actually ran around showing them to all of my friends (one of whom swore he’d never marry a woman who wasn’t a bellydancer– I figure I get to save that story for his wedding this summer).   It would take me two more years to actually start studying tribal fusion, and then another two after that before I found my Studio Home, but these two videos were the start of a lifelong love.  I can tell.  No one does “serious leisure” like bellydancers.  🙂


It is truly weird watching them now, years later, having now trained and danced with Rachel.  Still- these two were the original inspiration.

Next up- inspiration in the studio!

Don’t forget, our second class is tonight!  There will be a few new faces– woot!

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