Winter & Spring 2016 Classes

The longest night of the year is almost here!

Time to plan for next year!

Winter & Spring Bellydance Classes!

Classes are Sundays from 6:30-7:30 AND 7:30-8:30 pm.  See the Classes Page for more details!

We’ve got a Multi-Levels Drill class and a Choreography class going in 2016!  Get ready- we’re going to have a blast!

Payment arrangements can be made with Renee, (there’s a registration date on the 2nd of January from 10am to 4pm), or paid in cash/by cheque at the first class (Sunday, January 10th). Check out the Prices Page for more details.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Class this week is cancelled!

Hi everyone–

We’re so sorry to announce that class is cancelled tonight, Sunday December 6th.  Unfortunately Danielle can’t shake a migraine that came out of nowhere!  Classes resume next week as per usual, and keep your eyes open for the Winter class schedule- coming soon.

Cheers and keep dancing!