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Body + Dance is about empowering you to feel great about yourself! We use fundamentals from Tribal Fusion Bellydance to create classes that focus on learning your body, loving your body, and dancing your body-- all for you! No glitz, no stress, no anxiety. Just good people, great fun, and a wonderful environment to dance your heart out!

Blog Updates

Hey Ladies,

As requested, I’ve finally added a couple pretty important things to the blog!

1) The FAQ has a few of those “ball of foot shoes” we’ve been talking about in classes.  The links are to a couple different well-known dance companies as well as and listings, but feel free to dig around online and find some of your own if you like.  Remember, they are not required!  

2) There’s a new page, called “Drills“, available in the top menu!  It will be expanded as we go, but for now has a few of the layering drill pieces I use to keep us sweating every week.  Check it out!

Feel free to send me an email, or leave a note on the blog with any questions!

See you all this weekend!

Winter & Spring 2016 Classes

The longest night of the year is almost here!

Time to plan for next year!

Winter & Spring Bellydance Classes!

Classes are Sundays from 6:30-7:30 AND 7:30-8:30 pm.  See the Classes Page for more details!

We’ve got a Multi-Levels Drill class and a Choreography class going in 2016!  Get ready- we’re going to have a blast!

Payment arrangements can be made with Renee, (there’s a registration date on the 2nd of January from 10am to 4pm), or paid in cash/by cheque at the first class (Sunday, January 10th). Check out the Prices Page for more details.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

First Class Rocked!

Hey Ladies,

Class tonight was fabulous!   Thanks everyone for coming out for the last weekend of Summer.  I’m super excited to dance with all of you this session!

Drop-ins are okay next week as well… but after that we’re going to be moving, so please come out next week if you want to try and haven’t quite made up your mind yet!

For the lovely ladies who came in tonight, killer job tonight!  You should all be thrilled with yourselves (and hop into some epson salt bathing if needed).

Feel free to send me an email, or leave a note on the blog with any questions!

See you all next week!

Dance, dance, dance!

Oh, hello Ladies!

Ready for a fabulous fall?

tribal fusion bellydance classes are back

Danielle is now teaching through Renee Rioux’s Perpetual Motion Dance Studio!  An all-levels tribal fusion bellydance class is  ready for you-  Sundays from 5:45 – 6:45 pm at the Sackville Curling Club!

Registration is available through Renee at Perpetual Motion Dance Studio– email her (, call her ( 506 204-8282) or send her a message through facebook!  Class dates, fees, and other FAQ can be found on this blog.

There’s no question we’re going to miss dancing at Nava Yoga- the view! atmosphere! people!  … but we think you’ll love the mirrors and space we’re getting through Perpetual Motion!  Tribal Fusion is still all about the Yoga, though, so don’t forget to check out Nava Yoga‘s class schedule!