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Updates on Classes

Hey Sackville!

Happy February!

Sadly, there are no classes being offered at the moment — Danielle hasn’t been teaching for the winter and will be taking the spring and summer off as well.  She’ll be seriously ready to go for the fall!

In the meantime-

Check back here on the blog for recommended tribal fusion videos and inspiration to keep you going till the classes resume!  Coming soon!

Short Hiatus

Hello All!

How have you been?

You’ve probably noticed (and hopefully have already heard) — Danielle is taking a short hiatus from teaching for personal reasons.   We’re planning to be back up and dancing in May 2016, so check back for news, or reach out to to be added to the email list!

(for something fun — check out this duet

and then compare it and check out how many similar moves there are with this very different piece!


Music magic- a few suggestions

Hey ladies,

I’ve had a couple requests for music —

like the playlists I use in class.

For some unknown reason, I can’t seem to put together an easy “buy these” list in iTunes to share out… so you’re going to have to make do with the following boring old list, and look them up in your favourite e-music provider’s store.

  • Start with any fun pop song you like to warm up (I rotate these)
  • Kraddy –  Dub 17
  • Radio Laria –  Three Quarters
  • Jade CANADA –  Process S
  • Desert Dwellers (Love and Light Remix) –  More Than Anything
  • Lilly Wood & Robin Schultz –  Prayer in C
  • Infinity Ink –  Infinity
  • The White Stripes (The Glitch Mob Remix) –  Seven Nation Army
  • Bassnectar –  Heads Up
  • Fat Mechanic (White Label Remix) –  A Silence of 3 Parts

If you have these or buy these songs, you’ll definitely recognise some of them– a few are included in almost every class playlist I use (Dub 17, Three Quarters, Heads Up, and either Infinity or Prayer in C are my favourites for classes), but I’m always searching for new music.  Feel free to listen to other stuff by the same artists, or remix artists, and at the end of the day, dance to what feels good.


See you this weekend!

Dance on, baby!

Oh, hello Ladies!

Sad that we don’t have class this week?

…let me make it up to you.

Here’s a quick sampler of some of my favourite bellydance videos!

(and don’t forget- class is still ON for Valentine’s Day !)


 An all-time classic, and a serious long-term favourite of mine… this is Rachel Brice in Slovenia from 2009!
It’s fairly common to hook a couple songs together for one performance… this is a very cool, ‘something for everyone’ set by Zoe Jakes in 2013!             
Donna Mejia is one of the coolest dance professors on the planet… this is a “world fusion” piece, emphasis on African, Indian, and modern bellydance.
Major history moment– these women have some serious dance background!  Most of my teachers trace their dance back to one of these women… their movements and vocabulary can be seen in a lot of what we do in tribal fusion.                                                        

(Stay tuned for more fun!)


Inspiration (throwback!)- the backstory

One of you asked last week about my own history, and I realised I’ve never shared it here.  So to get you started, here are two videos that made a HUGE impression on me.

I’d been bellydancing for (drumroll) 13 years.  Can’t believe it’s been that long.  Before bellydance, I trained in a whole variety of dance styles- from ballet to Irish- and started dancing when I was two (thanks Mom!).  I found tribal fusion in 2006— like many, my introduction to tribal fusion was through our beloved internet.  These were the first two videos that I really, really fell in love with.  I actually ran around showing them to all of my friends (one of whom swore he’d never marry a woman who wasn’t a bellydancer– I figure I get to save that story for his wedding this summer).   It would take me two more years to actually start studying tribal fusion, and then another two after that before I found my Studio Home, but these two videos were the start of a lifelong love.  I can tell.  No one does “serious leisure” like bellydancers.  🙂


It is truly weird watching them now, years later, having now trained and danced with Rachel.  Still- these two were the original inspiration.

Next up- inspiration in the studio!

Don’t forget, our second class is tonight!  There will be a few new faces– woot!

The best music…

is LIVE music!

I had the amazing opportunity to hear Bob Sutherby and Ken Shorley play in Tatamagouche this past weekend.  Whew!  What a team!

While they’ve yet to record as a duo, you can hear a snippet of their individual stuff on youtube:


are some pretty decent examples!  In fact— they both played these pieces (well, Ken’s is an improv, so it was similar) over the weekend.

Utterly amazing.