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notes on the music used in class or other fantastic music yet to be heard in studio!

Quick and quicker– the music!

Happy first class, everyone!

As requested, here is the music we were dancing to tonight– for both classes!

Umata Grapevine + Mardi Love Campfire step phrase: 

First song: Two Fingers by Fools Rhythm:

Second (faster) song: More Than Anything (Love and Light remix) by Desert Dwellers, Down Temple Dub Remix Album:


Shahnaz by Ken Shorely:


See you next week!

Music magic- a few suggestions

Hey ladies,

I’ve had a couple requests for music —

like the playlists I use in class.

For some unknown reason, I can’t seem to put together an easy “buy these” list in iTunes to share out… so you’re going to have to make do with the following boring old list, and look them up in your favourite e-music provider’s store.

  • Start with any fun pop song you like to warm up (I rotate these)
  • Kraddy –  Dub 17
  • Radio Laria –  Three Quarters
  • Jade CANADA –  Process S
  • Desert Dwellers (Love and Light Remix) –  More Than Anything
  • Lilly Wood & Robin Schultz –  Prayer in C
  • Infinity Ink –  Infinity
  • The White Stripes (The Glitch Mob Remix) –  Seven Nation Army
  • Bassnectar –  Heads Up
  • Fat Mechanic (White Label Remix) –  A Silence of 3 Parts

If you have these or buy these songs, you’ll definitely recognise some of them– a few are included in almost every class playlist I use (Dub 17, Three Quarters, Heads Up, and either Infinity or Prayer in C are my favourites for classes), but I’m always searching for new music.  Feel free to listen to other stuff by the same artists, or remix artists, and at the end of the day, dance to what feels good.


See you this weekend!

They were the best of times…

So strange to have the last class!  All you ladies did an amazing job with the choreography we did last night!  Keep your eyes on your inbox– the practice videos will be there shortly!

In the meantime, here’s the music we used for that little dance:

Again- the song is Pomplamoose’s “If You Think You Need Some Lovin'”.

Hope to see everyone at the Free Dance Party next week!!  Wednesday, November 21st from 7-9:30!

The best music…

is LIVE music!

I had the amazing opportunity to hear Bob Sutherby and Ken Shorley play in Tatamagouche this past weekend.  Whew!  What a team!

While they’ve yet to record as a duo, you can hear a snippet of their individual stuff on youtube:


are some pretty decent examples!  In fact— they both played these pieces (well, Ken’s is an improv, so it was similar) over the weekend.

Utterly amazing.