FALL 2017 Class Schedule:

Ready for another season of tribal fusion?

Classes to be announced in summer, 2017!

Tribal Fusion Techniques and Combos.

These classes are all about tribal fusion bellydance moves, starting easy and building up to fun!  Classes are designed to get techniques into your muscle memory so you can dance any way you please, with individual movements, and short combos (called scales)!  Just like most yoga classes, the basics are good for everyone, but there are challenges available when you’re ready!  These classes are suitable for dancers of other styles and for those who have never danced at all (don’t worry, you’ll catch on quickly!).  They’re also ready for dancers who’ve had a year or two of tribal under their belt!  Good for a workout, getting a really solid foundation of moves, and laughing.


These classes take techniques and scales taught in previous sessions (and in the techniques and combos class) and put them together to choreograph dances!  We’ll learn full-song choreography.  Some layering is introduced, as well as fundamentals of music theory and choreography creation.  These classes are suitable for dancers who have done at least one full session of Tribal Fusion classes with Danielle previously (if you’ve danced tribal fusion elsewhere, get in touch so we can chat)!



To be announced!


NOTE FOR NERVOUS DANCERS:  Want to do a session but don’t have any dance experience?  Never tried Tribal Fusion Bellydance, but think it’s the coolest sounding dance ever?  Please feel free to try a drop-in class- it’ll be fun!  You are also very welcome to email with your thoughts and we can chat about your concerns– and your interest!!

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