Whoa- Drills and Combos?  What does that even mean?

Trust me, this is way less scary than it sounds.  This class offers something for brand-new-to-bellydancers and been-at-it-a-while-bellydancers, so it’s a multi-level class that covers techniques and cool little combinations of moves.  It’s common to offer classes for people of all levels, just like a lot of yoga classes.  It means we’ll start with basics, and build up for those who are ready for the challenge.  Bellydance is non-competitive, open, honest, and fun.  Reach out if you have specific concerns!

How does this whole drop-in thing work?  Won’t I be behind?

Good question!  If you’ve never danced tribal fusion before, or if it’s been a while, I’d recommend coming to at least the first three classes in a row in the session to get the basics down. But drop-in means you can start (and stop) whenever you like, so feel free to come in any time!  If you’re worried, send me an email and we can chat.  The classes do tend to get more challenging as the session continues, but basics and fundamentals are covered at every class- no one is too good to practice the basics!!  Remember- bellydance is non-competitive, open, honest, and fun.

How do I pay?

Cash, cheque, interact e-transfers, or paypal are all accepted.  Cash and cheques can be brought to the studio, PayPal payments can be made by logging into your PayPal account and choosing “Send Money”, using danielle@bodypositivedance.com as the email address to fill in the “To” box.  Fees for classes can be found on this site.

What do I wear?

Most Yoga and workout wear is fine, as is dance wear.  Please remember it helps if I can see your knees, shoulders, and at least the outline of your stomach.  Tank tops, yoga pants, sweat pants, etc. are all fine.  It is requested that you wear a sports bra, bra, or supported sports tank top to ensure upper rib cage movement can be seen.  I teach in a sports bra and yoga pants, usually, and sometimes in leggings and a scarf.  Due to space size, we will not be wearing coin belts- they are too noisy!

I also often wear jewellery, and jewellery is welcome assuming it won’t be too distracting for you (ie: smacking you in the face every time you turn your head).  We are tattoo and body-mod friendly as well.
Finally, we usually dance barefoot, but dance sneakers are acceptable as well (jazz sneakers, ballroom dance practice sneakers, etc).  I allow socks if the floor is cool at the very beginning, but the floor is too slippery to wear socks safely when dancing.  Out of respect for the studio, I ask that any footwear is kept for indoor use only.

NOTE:  Many dancers prefer to wear “half-shoes”, “half-soles”, “foot-undees”… the weird, ball-of-foot-covering, toes-exposed shoes many Western dancers wear for lyrical and modern dance.  There are a few options for purchasing shoes like this:

These links are for your information only; I don’t get kickbacks for purchases or anything like that.  They are also not required, but many dancers like to have them, especially for helping with knee, ankle, and hip irritation (when doing turns on the balls of the feet).

What music are we going to dance to, anyway?

Pretty much anything you can imagine, and I’ll be putting my favourites up on the blog under ‘inspiration’ and ‘music’ categories (just check the sidebar on the blog for categories).  A few main groups are Radio Laria, Beats Antique, Unkle Ho, and the Gotan Project.

Can I get private lessons?

Sure.  Feel free to contact me via the Contact page and let me know what you’re looking for!

What about private lessons – at your home?

If you’ve got a bit of space, we can definitely dance at your place.  My house is currently under renovation- check back, in the (fingers-crossed) near future, I’ll be able to offer private sessions in my home!

What about a group session?

Have a group of people interested in a class?  Want a fun party activity?  I’m good with both- feel free to contact me via the Contact page and we can chat!

What if I can’t make your classes because the time doesn’t work for me?

I maintain a list of people who would prefer another day; if the Perpetual Motion Dance Studio class schedule allows for another class on a date with at least two interested parties, I’ll set up another class.  So if you’re interested and can’t do the classes as currently offered, let me know what days *do* work for you and I’ll see if we can’t set something else up.  I’m also happy offering a workshop series if the regular-class thing doesn’t work!

You didn’t answer my question!

Please contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.  I’ll also add your question to the list for other people if appropriate!

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