Class this week is cancelled!

Hi everyone–

We’re so sorry to announce that class is cancelled tonight, Tuesday March 17th.  Unfortunately Danielle has come down with a bug and isn’t up to dancing her heart out!  Classes resume next week as per usual, and keep your eyes open for make-up classes, to be announced later this week.

Cheers and keep dancing!

March & April Session

Yay, it’s almost Spring!

Next week marks the new session- March & April!

8 weeks of bellydance joy!

Classes are Tuesdays from 8:15-9:15 pm.

This is our Fundamentals tribal fusion bellydance class, and it is AWESOME.  Get ready- we’re going to have a blast!

Registration is available now by emailing Renee at or calling her: 5 0 6. 2 0 4. 8 2 8 2!

Payment arrangements can be made with Renee or paid in cash/by cheque at the first class (Tuesday, March 3rd).  Payment for March & April is $120 for the single class.  If you’re taking multiple classes at Perpetual Motion, please check in with Renee for fees!

Keep dancing!

Inspiration (throwback!)- the backstory

One of you asked last week about my own history, and I realised I’ve never shared it here.  So to get you started, here are two videos that made a HUGE impression on me.

I’d been bellydancing for (drumroll) 13 years.  Can’t believe it’s been that long.  Before bellydance, I trained in a whole variety of dance styles- from ballet to Irish- and started dancing when I was two (thanks Mom!).  I found tribal fusion in 2006— like many, my introduction to tribal fusion was through our beloved internet.  These were the first two videos that I really, really fell in love with.  I actually ran around showing them to all of my friends (one of whom swore he’d never marry a woman who wasn’t a bellydancer– I figure I get to save that story for his wedding this summer).   It would take me two more years to actually start studying tribal fusion, and then another two after that before I found my Studio Home, but these two videos were the start of a lifelong love.  I can tell.  No one does “serious leisure” like bellydancers.  🙂


It is truly weird watching them now, years later, having now trained and danced with Rachel.  Still- these two were the original inspiration.

Next up- inspiration in the studio!

Don’t forget, our second class is tonight!  There will be a few new faces– woot!

First Class of 2015

Whoo, get your shimmy on!

Our first class of 2015


January 6th, from 8:15-9:15 pm.

This is our Fundamentals tribal fusion bellydance class, and it is AWESOME.  Get ready- we’re going to have a blast!

Registration is available tonight at the class, or by emailing Renee at or calling her: 5 0 6. 2 0 4. 8 2 8 2!

Keep dancing!

Dance on, baby!

Oh, hello Ladies!

Ready for some 2015 fun?

tribal fusion bellydance classes are back

Danielle is now teaching through Renee Rioux’s Perpetual Motion Dance Studio!  Two classes are being offered, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:15 – 9:15 pm at the Sackville Curling Club!

Registration for one or both classes is available through Renee at Perpetual Motion Dance Studio– email her (, call her ( 506 204-8282) or send her a message through facebook!  Class dates, fees, and other FAQ can be found on this blog.

There’s no question we’re going to miss dancing at Nava Yoga- the view! atmosphere! people!  … but we think you’ll love the mirrors and space we’re getting through Perpetual Motion!  Tribal Fusion is still all about the Yoga, though, so don’t forget to check out Nava Yoga‘s winter class schedule!


Hello World!

Hey Sackville!

How have you been? You’ve probably noticed — Danielle has been away for an entire year, unable to travel to Sackville to dance!  Times are always changing, however, and tribal fusion bellydance is coming back to Sackville in the Fall of 2014!

Send an email to if you want some information on timing, the whos and whys, and where the heck Danielle has been!

Winter Session — Set 2!

Hello Spring!

Well, almost!  We’re on to Winter Session Set 2 — a full 8-week series of intro classes, suitable for new dancers and returning dancers who just want to rock out to some great music!  As always, fundamentals are just for fun– these classes won’t make you the next Bellydance Superstar, but you will get to have a blast with some great women.

We don’t worry about costumes or choreography, but we do cover some short combinations you can put together for your own performances, if you wish (your bedroom mirror has never been so lucky).

Send an email to if you’d like to register, or let me know if you can’t make all the classes but would like to drop in for some!

This is *the* time for bellydance– we’re going to greet Spring with some foot-stomping, belly-shaking joy!

Wednesday Februrary 20

Le Sigh.  Class is cancelled for this evening, ladies.

It would appear that most businesses are trying to reschedule appointments and keep people off the roads, so I’ll do my part and do the same.  ‘Course, it’ll probably be gorgeous out in an hour now that I’ve said this.

Regardless, we’re on for next week!  ‘Till then, run over some of that face-framing arm work and those vertical figure-8’s to your favourite tunes!


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