Body + Dance classes are taught by Danielle, a lifelong dancer who Danielle dancingbelieves Tribal Fusion bellydance and other North American bellydance styles are the ideal dance form for adult women to explore their bodies, their sense of fun, and their community of sisters who just wanna dance!  Growing up in Canada and the US, Danielle danced from age 2 on, and has been bellydancing since 2002.  She offers Tribal Fusion bellydance classes for beginners to bring to the community her love of this amazing style.

Danielle trains with Heather Labonte and Audra Simmons of the Dark Side Studio (Modern Bellydance) in Toronto, ON, and with Rachel Brice of Datura Studio (Tribal Fusion Bellydance) in Portland, OR.  Danielle passed the testing for Phase One: Initiates of the 8 Elements in July, 2013.

Danielle is also a Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Certified Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (via TAYS) and a Certified Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga Teacher.  Most tribal fusion dancers do Yoga (in fact, some insist on it!) and Danielle believes the two styles of movement promote the same goal: empowerment and self-knowledge through physical movement.

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body positive dance is about the joy of dance & the awesome body that makes it happen!

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